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September 2011



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Sep. 25th, 2011

My funny work experience.

First of all to get ready for the first quiz I even took my laptop to work.

I'm a carer for the elderly and poorly, so I go to their houses and help them with everyday tasks or taking medication and my favourite person that I work privately for is George. I've been with him for over 2 years. He's 64 and just got out of hospital and me, him, his youngest son (who's a huge Smosh fan, in love with both Anthony and Ian and is 25)and his daughter all get along really well.

When I went on Thursday I walk in and George goes "I see you have your laptop, trying to show off that yours is better than mine". I reply by saying "Are you being serious! Yours is brand new."
George: "Yes but yours is red and my children got me a black one, obviously yours is better."

His daughter walks in and tells me that she's already tidied the house blah blah, then says "OK I'm going to get dad's medication and I'll be back in 3 hours."

After she leaves George asks me why I brought my laptop and I told him to do research for a quiz for this community (He knows it's about Smosh but not much else oh and that people write on this but not what it is written). He laughs and goes "I still can't believe that you read now."

George and me sat down and started to watch Smosh videos and videos from Ianh and Anthony's channel.

After an hour I said I was going to tidy up the kitchen and make his lunch and get his meds. I can not remember what video he was watching but I remember him pausing it and hearing him call my name.
I run in the room thinking something was wrong and he looks at me says "Are you sure they have girlfriends?"
I laughingly reply "Yes they do, why?"
George says "Oh. I only asked because they would make a great couple, you can tell they really care for each other. Oh and the little looks they give each other."

I had the biggest grin on my face and said "George, things like that make me love you."

George laughs and adds "I see why you and Mark (his son) like them."

If a 64 year old man an see that they would make a great couple obviously they're meant to be.
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Sep. 6th, 2011

Anthony told Ian to look at his BALLS!

HA! I can just imagine the look on everyone's face.
OK so in the Mail Time With Smosh at 0:21 when Anthony asked Ian "Hey Ian, look at my balls." I just died and I thought I had to come back and tell you lot.